opening soon


Coming up! Preposition. A duo exhibition with Ode de Kort and Martijn Grooten. At Tique Antwerp. Opening: 19 November. All welcome. More info see their great website:

Also, 2016 is already knocking on the door and there are some really interesting projects I'm working on for the next months. One of them is a research into the work and life of Cesar Domela, a now slightly forgotten but nonetheless great artist. Possible one of the first hybrid artists as well, venturing in several directions throughout his life. Almost impossible to see his work in real life but I visited the depot at the gemeentemuseum in The Hague and saw some of it there. Actually, held some of it in my hands! Keep you posted on that and more of the good stuff coming up...

Cesar Domela @gemeentemuseumdepot