2015: "Preposition", Tique, Antwerp, Duo with Ode de Kort, Coming up now!!
2015: "KODK", Arnhem, Oct.
2015: Unseen side event with Kers Gallery, Amsterdam, Oct
2015: "Life is playful", Kers Gallery, Sept.
2015: "Surrouded by Sagacity" (or: an unequal conversation) Pictura, With Folke Jansen, Anita Hrnic, Just Quist, Steye Felix and more, Dordrecht, June.
2015 Art Athens, TFHmF Award, Athens, May.
2015: "Reboot", den Bosch, with Gijs van Lith, Sebastiaan Noort, Mitchel Breed. May
2015: "Luchtkasteel", with Matthias Schaareman and more, Arnhem, Jan.
2014: Preparture, den Bosch, Sept.
2014: ca-YacZ, June-Sept.
2014: Mensen maken de stad, Den Bosch, June
2014: MagmaCrowded, Antwerp, May.
2014: Submarine Jungle, online exhibition, April.
2014 Beyond the dutch moutain video festival, Heerlen, February.
2013: “it’s about time” Quartair, Den Haag, June.
2013: de Nieuwe Gang, Beuningen, duo with Steye Felix, May-June.
2013: "from commonplace to staircase", projectspace parterretrap, Den Haag, duo with Eric van de Kooi, April.
2013: "Re:Rotterdam, Rotterdam, February.
2012: "Destilaat #14", Extrapool, Nijmegen, November.
2012: "Point de Vue", former SM's, Den Bosch, October.
2012: "Hoogtepunt", Breda, Solo, September.
2012: Graduation Show, Akv St Joost, Den Bosch, June.
2012: "Alles wat Blinkt", CBK Den Bosch, pre-graduation show, March.
2012: "X-Files_98", Kunstpodium T, Tilburg, Leerling Meester exhibition #1 with Ahmet Ogut, The Force of freedom, Katja Verheul, Sofia Montenegro, January.
2011: Vote for a title, DMT-Loods, Den Bosch.
2011: "Hup: Cast an eye/without a blush, SM's, Den Bosch, Fatma Zemin #7.
2010: Lokaal 01, Breda, duo with Timo van Grinsven.
2010: commision for Amarant, Ettenleur.
2010: "Geen Walvis", former CBK, Den Bosch.
2010: "Leeghwater", city hall, following a minor "art in public space", Den Bosch.
2015: “I am not doing anything until I feel the need” calender project of Joanneke Meester
2014: Invest conference week.
2014: BKKC "de kunstopdracht" workshop about art in comission.
2014: Haagse Kunstkalender.
2013-now: writing for Jegens&, soon also: Yvi Magazine.
2013: pro-invest subsidie, Stroom Den Haag.
2012: one month working period in Hoogtepunt, Breda.
2012: duo interview with Esther Tielemans. on the occaision of the 200 years existence of the art academy den Bosch.
2012: nominated Lucasprijs 2012
2012: proposal for Wild-C, Eindhoven.
2011: three month working period in Jingdezhen, China, subsidie from the city of den Bosch and the Academyfund.