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Also compare this to the size of my hand. screenshot from a videowork which consists of fiftyfive found and then edited images of people using their hands as a measuring tool, photographing it and then sharing it with others. This is how knowledge (on a really basic level) is created. And crazy images...

an unequal conversation

Reboot was a great project initiated and curated by Sebastiaan Noort who invited three other artists to research the impact of digital media on their practice. The show included works by Sebastiaan Noort, Gijs van Lith, Mitchel Breed and me. The installation I made merged three non-related projects into one, searching for new relations between them as the work was placed into the exhibition. It was titled: anticipating things to come.

reboot installation shot

r e b o o t

i am not doing anything...

The photograph on the left was a contribution to a calender project by Joanneke Meester. It was specifically made as a response to the the text: I am not doing anything until I feel the need. It was also part of two exhibitions. here were contributions by 365 dutch artists. The calender is for sale in general bookstores in the Netherlands

Although this is a film, it does function more as a (somewhat) moving photograph. There is movement but in a loop instead of having a linear timestructure. Videoworks are usually embedded within larger installations.

p o t t e r



I have been working more and more on sculptures that only exist as photographs. They look like small decors or dioramas. Sometimes the photograph is the end result (like below), sometimes it is in combination with scans, pencildrawings, tape etc. becoming part of a new collage. (like left) Ongoing...

submarine jungle installation





architecture as furniture

sketch for a model for an artistic practice

sketch for a model for an artistic practice. out of a series of 5 drawings. (but this might become ongoing) althought they were made as autonomous drawings, they were also an attempt to make something that could serve as a model for what an artistic practice today could be.

architectural model

The Haagse Kunstkalender is a daycalender with contributions of people working in the field of art, fashion, architecture, etc. Everybody gets a one page place to show a work. The photograph was made specific for this calender. The title: A certain amount of time (one year, one month, one week, one day) spend with a certain amount of objects. (Still life with architectural model).

haagse kunstkalender (2014...)

The poster with the clock on the front side of this flyer was designed by Peter Behrens. He designed it as part of a much larger set of designs for the AEG factory, somewhere at the beginning of the 20th century. Peter Behrens is regarded to be one of the first corporate designers. As a designer he had a background in the Jugendstil movement. Somewhere halfway in his career he moved away from this and became one of pioneers for the modernist movement. The clock seems to be in a sort of transition state, still having the curves of the Jugendstil, but already brought back to a much more essential style.

A0 Behrens Clock (A.B.C.)

model for a groupsessionsculpture

"nieuwe gang" installation

Project Space Parterre Trap was a rather weird space to exhibit. There was a small but high space with 5 staircases. I really liked that you had to walk upstairs to see the whole exhibition, and that you were more or less forced to see the work as in a sort of montage. One image after the other.

project space parterre trap


The scannerworks were in part made for the installation in projectspace parterretrap.(see above) They started out as a way of dealing with all the debris that was leftover while doing research. they are an ongoing series of work that are made as collages, combining images and stuff that floats around in my workspace (for example tape, cables, pencil etc.)


The hoogtepunt installation was one of the first things i did after graduating from the academy. There was a working period of one month resulting in an installation which contained much of the lines of thinking i have been exploring more in debt afterward. There was a scenario, several different works and actions at once and rather big interventions to alter the way people had to move through the space.

e x t r a p o o l

model for a mobile(for the sun), part of "hoogtepunt" installation